Q & A

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are not to be confused with strip lashes “or cluster lashes.” The eyelash extensions we apply are individual, semi-permanent, synthetic lashes that are applied to your natural lashes to make them look longer, fuller, and thicker.

What do extensions look like?

The lash extensions look like natural lashes, but they come in different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and even colors! Whether you want a natural look or a more dramatic look, we can customize your lashes by changing those factors.

How do they feel and does the process hurt?

Extensions are weightless, and should feel very comfortable and natural. The process does not hurt at all, when they are properly applied, you should not feel a thing!

How long do they last?

Your lashes will last indefinitely with fill ins. Your natural lashes shed daily, which is why we suggest 2-3 weeks for your fill ins.

How should  I prepare for my appointment?

– Make sure all makeup is removed from the eye area. The more time we spend cleaning your lashes, the less time we have to apply the lashes!
– Do not drink caffeine 60 minutes before your appointment. This can make your lashes flutter, which makes it difficult to apply lashes, and it can even cause irritation.
– Please put your cell phone on silent.
– You may want to visit the ladies room beforehand, as you may be laying for an extended period of time.

Are lashes recommended for one time occasions?

Yes, we absolutely suggest getting them for one time occasions such as reunions, weddings, honeymoons, vacations, proms, formals, photo shoots, etc.

BUT if you get them for a one time occasion, please consider yourself warned that you WILL want to keep them!


The extensions will shed with the natural lash that it is attached to. Growth and shedding cycles are inconsistent and random (it is common to shed anywhere between 3-5 lashes per day). To maintain your new lashes, we recommend scheduling a fill in every 2-3 weeks.

How do I take care of them?

It can seem like a lot of information, but it truly is not difficult to take care of your lash extensions. We will go over the full aftercare sheet, plus some extra info, with you the day of your full set. All of our full sets include a full aftercare kit (valued at $56). All makeup must be removed with an oil free makeup remover daily, then you must cleanse your lashes with a lash friendly cleanser as well, whether you wear makeup or not. CLEANSING YOUR LASHES IS CRUCIAL. We also have a lash brush that makes the process even easier, and is very gentle on your extensions so that they last as long as possible. Saunas, hot steam, or anything that can get your lashes wet must be avoided for a full 48 hours. Any makeup or products used around your eyes must be oil free. Oil breaks down the adhesive, which can cause your extensions to fall off of your natural lashes.

Can I still go tanning?

We ask that you wait the full 48 hours before tanning, and even after the 48 hours, please limit how long you tan. It isn’t good for the lash extensions to excessively be exposed to heat.

Can I wear mascara?

We suggest that you do not wear mascara. If you have hybrid or volume, mascara can’t be worn at all on the upper lashes, and if you wear it on your bottom lashes, it must be a lash friendly mascara. With classic, we do have a lash friendly mascara if you HAVE to wear it. Please know that wearing mascara can result in poor retention.

How do I take my lash extensions off?

You can either let them grow out, or you can schedule an appointment to come in and get them removed. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THEM YOURSELF. We can remove them safely and it will not harm your natural lashes.

Why are lash extensions so expensive?

Eyelash extensions are a luxury service. Applying eyelash extensions is a very intricate, delicate procedure not to be taken lightly. At Lindsi Lashes, we are highly trained and we only use the best products on the market. We refuse to cut corners to compromise quality and sanitation.